Sunday, May 11th, 2014

It has been a very productive week. I’ve gotten to know more of my networking group and the landscaping is looking less “squatter-chic” and more like a house is inhabited by someone who’s not a transient. It’s so nice to be able to work on my lawn again. Sure, I was sweaty and dirty but that’s better than being in the two-foot drifts three/four months ago. This is my element.

One thing I am having trouble with is writing the next story. I’ve got the opening scene, but not an acceptable way to introduce the scene or character. It’s a little frustrating.

I suppose it’s going to be a late-night trip to Waffle House for me.

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15 thoughts on “Sunday, May 11th, 2014

  1. kerbey says:

    You will surely get inspired at the Waffle House. Why can’t the opening scene be there? An image of bacon and eggs makes everyone happy!

    • I watched them clean the griddle before. It could make for a good horror story.

    • Joseph Nebus says:

      You know, I just had my first Waffle House experience in living memory last week. It was fairly pleasant, although my dear love and I were amused by the two long lists of terms of service posted by the door.

      • As in “no shirt, no shoes, no problem”?

      • kerbey says:

        Elaborate on that please. Two lists?

      • Joseph Nebus says:

        They had rules about how many people could be in the restaurant at once, how people had to behave, how they’d be treated, and — on the second list — how policies changed when the place was full. Then there would be extra rules about how many people could be in a single party, how long people could linger at tables after finishing their meal, how many people could stand away from tables waiting for service or waiting for take-out, and on like that. If I’d thought to have a camera (or phone) with me I might have taken a picture. It came to about ten to twelve rules for each case.

  2. Get waffling, Nate…we need the story:)

  3. nicjor79 says:

    I would love to see some pictures of what you’re doing with your yard. I have big plans for mine, but lately it’s taken all I have just to keep the grass cut.

    • There hasn’t been any addition of trees, shrubs, or flowers yet. I consider this the remedial steps for the property and I’m repairing all the damage the prior owners have done to the place.

  4. The story will come, Nate. It always does. Glad you’re having some better weather up your way.

    • I picked up on an intro last night, but I’m stretched thinly and exhausted. It seems like time’s often eaten up by other obligations. I have no idea where to turn to for help, as it isn’t anyone else’s obligation. I do what I can… not well, I suppose, but it’s a college try.

  5. authormbeyer says:

    Hash browns at Waffle House smothered in ketchup solve a majority of life’s problems… not the problems of obesity and diabetes, though. Oh, and the bacon! God said, “Let there be a Waffle House!”

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