The Guy at the Keyboard

Who’s this guy?!

Hey, I’m Nate. I’m not like Simon, because he likes to do drawrings. I like to do writings, but we’re somewhat similar I suppose. Born and raised in Northwest Ohio, I’ve been in the Fields for quite some time. I’ve been a couple of places since then, but the economy hasn’t been the best to me. I take the employment I can get and diddle around with writing on the side. Maybe someday I’ll have that wacky home run that pulls a rags-to-riches scenario. I’m not holding my breath though.


17 thoughts on “The Guy at the Keyboard

  1. laurasmess says:

    You’re a great writer Nate. Completely absorbing. I’ve enjoyed learning about your patch of earth also; it sounds beautifully scenic and completely different to the place I call home (Western Australia). Looking forward to reading more (and to eventually saying that “I met this guy in the blogosphere, we go waaaay back!” when you become freakishly famous).

    • Thank you for reading, Laura! I’m glad it has provided some entertainment for you. Oddly enough, a friend and I had a conversation about fame last night. He was telling me about the time his friend introduced him to a destitute writer out in California named Matt Groening. I eat wacky stories like that up with a spoon.

  2. hjonasson says:

    Now you’ve got the “Simon” song stuck in my head. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more!

    • Thanks for stopping by and the kind words!

      It’s a catchy tune, isn’t it? I used to watch it all the time back when Pinwheel played the shorts. It was something with which I could relate. I was creating my own little world, because the outside world wasn’t exactly welcoming.

  3. Laura Lynn says:

    I rode a bus with Matt Groening in LA. That was back when he was doing the LA Weekly cartoons. The Life in Hell stuff back in the early 80’s. I was with my little brother, who recognized him, so I asked him why he rode the bus. I mean, really. He could afford a car. (I was ruder and nosier then) He said ‘Where do you think all my ideas come from?’ True story. I rode buses everywhere the whole time I lived in LA.

    • That’s pretty cool! There’s also a coincidence with that comment. I was talking to my friend last night about traveling in airports, train stations, etc. I said something similar. It was something along the lines of, “the best thing about these places is that they have people that _probably_ shouldn’t be there but fortunately are.” It makes me trail off into all sorts of observations that amuse me. For example, there was a night I had to wait for the early morning train out of Penn Station. In that time of walking around the building, I saw a homeless man get seriously upset about his pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. He violently threw the chocolate and peanut butter delight down and one cup came rocketing toward my shoe. Nonchalantly as possible, I high stepped over it and continued about my way. How we interact between one another is simply fascinating at times. Frustrating sometimes, but fascinating too.

  4. A. B. Davis says:

    I have skimmed (but not yet delved into which I plan to do in due time) over your posts here, and I think I like the way you think, Sir. It could just be that the font style on the white backgrounds (remarkably akin to the font–or perhaps the same?–in my copy of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, a favorite novel) is comforting to me. Either way, consider my lulled, and expect I will return for more.

  5. rockettattoo says:

    always insightful and thought provoking..

  6. Nate, where do I subscribe to your blog by email? I am slowly trying to get my act together and make sure I see certain people every day. My reader is a mess.

  7. calipatti says:

    I enjoy your writing style.
    Over 45 years ago my Mother and I ride to town and as she parked in Main Street she sat behind the wheel. She did not get out, reach for her purse, nothing, just sat there.
    She told me as a young person she would watch The Ladies of her small town and that’s how she learned to dress well.
    Later when my Dad was off to war there was no money so after work she’d sit again watching people . Mom told me that by just looking at a person I could create an entire story in my mind.
    People watching she called it.

    • Thank you for the compliment! I’ll watch people every now and then, and they’ll come up with some interesting events. There are other times when a place or object will be inspirational, but dialog rests on humans. All of my dialog has been, in one way or another, from listening and watching people.

  8. You have a sort of Orson-Welles-Waiting-for-the-Vodka-to-Kick-In look about you, so I think you can safely rest assured regarding literary success. Blog title is cool, anyway.

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