Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I’m enjoying writing the posts by date for now. It gives it more of a journal feel, not like my moleskin with its floppy cover and ridiculously long tether, but a tidy, perfectly-ruled pad of paper.

Because I’m a terrible person, I just got the drive to read Andra Watkin‘s “Bad Deal” from Echoes in Darknesseven though it was in my queue for about… six weeks? Seven weeks? It’s hard saying. Granted most of that time was spent debating whether or not my existence was better than that of an orange, which is just outright silly to thing do. Oranges are much more enjoyable than I am.

Unsurprisingly, I’ve filled my time this week with buying L.A. Noire for peanuts because I get horribly addicted to games… and cigarettes… and food. Anyway, the only thing of note was seeing old friends, who have since relocated out of the area, over Thai last night. Enjoying their company was only overshadowed by the understanding that it was a seldom-seen event. That is true for most of my old contacts. The few that remain are either engaged or married with their own lives. It just gets harder the older you get.

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8 thoughts on “Wednesday, December 11, 2013

  1. Nicole says:

    I’d prefer you over an orange any day. And that’s a compliment, because I like oranges.

  2. Thank you for reading it. Most of my friends still tell me they haven’t.

    Do you have any fun holiday plans? That do not include oranges? I can send you some of the hooch we make with oranges, and that may change you view of them forever……..

    • If you want to know specific feedback on the story, just message me. I’m not sure how you’d like it to be handled. If you’re cool with just knowing it was read, then I’m cool with it too.

      I didn’t mean to slight oranges with my comment. They’re obviously an excellent food.

  3. Jen says:

    Oranges are quite temporary — speaking as someone with an orange tree in my front yard. Their sweetness fleeting (and unpredictable.) Yours seems more permanent and more predicatable.

  4. I’m hitting 70 years old in February and, funnily enough, I’m very happy not seeing too many people. Enough, but not too many. After a life as a photographer in London, the move to the boon docks was about finding peace and tranquillity. You’ve got plenty of friends in the ether, Nate……ethernate:)

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