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Do We Really Need Another Intergenerational Fight?

I love Paul Lynde. In fact, I do a mediocre impression of him. He’s one of the lost Hollywood personalities I miss today. He had personality; he was an identity. His uniqueness and camp gets me a little nostalgic when I watch Bewitched or clips of Hollywood Squares. It made me more than delighted to have a topic tied in to the above show tune.

Whether this was supposed to be a joke, satire, or just plain soap-box stomping, I’ve seen it many times before. There are older generations pulling the same routine their parents did in their prime. It’s always the same thing, a tired broken record.

My question becomes why is it that hard to stop this recycled nonsense? Is it that ingrained into a human’s behavior to think the “youngin’s ruining the country”?

In the near future, I’d like to put up some more writing. I have some house repairs to do, but there might be a little time to be creative.

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