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Stepping on the Toes Stuck Out to Trip Me

Years before I knew of WordPress, I would write reviews of businesses to ease the ¬†frustration of being in the fields. They weren’t intentionally humorous, like¬†Chris Hinton’s “Funny, Outrageous Reviews – Unicorns & Skulls,” but I had been known to take pot shots at places. Whether they deserved it or not is debatable. When you’re a miserable thirty-something that lost your footing in a place much more comfortable than where you entered this world, you tend to be a little bitchy. It also could have been low blood sugar. It’s a toss up.

Unlike most endeavors in my life, I stuck with it for quite some time. I still write reviews every now and then, and fired off a handful tonight. It made me think of all the foul people who reside at such places. To be fair, there are some genuinely interesting people, but I remember the wretched ones more often.

As I said before, I had been known to take pot shots. It wasn’t all that often, but I’m a very deliberate person. If someone cannot decide whether or not I’m insulting them, they can safely give me the benefit of the doubt. I’m very direct about this sort of thing, as there’s often an identifiable reason for it. It could be they’re acting like an imbecile, or they’re being inconsiderate to me. What have you.

Since I know my land well, I knew having a picture of my face out there was lethal. For some reason, people take personal insult to a bad review of an establishment they love. It’s a very defensive place. They must think I hate their freedom. At any rate, I fired up MS Paint and drew a stellar avatar.

When you live in one particular spot for a number of decades, you tend to remember the history. So, when I note I don’t want to patron an establishment due to a murder taking place on its premises, it ruffles feathers. There have been several bars I’ve noted police presence and why I would prefer not to drink at them. I’ve also ripped apart restaurants for being embarrassingly mediocre. In my defense, I always gave suggestions to improve the maladies.

This leads me to recall the worst, yet most awesome, hate I received to date. I had logged on after a month’s absence to find a friend request. Not only was it someone who didn’t care for what I had to say about… whatever he was pissed off about, he had created a specific user account to read “Fuck Nate’s Reviews.” Apparently I didn’t pay enough attention to him, and he decided he wanted to be my friend.

Why bring this up at all? Because in hindsight that is hysterical. There are people out there in life who make it a priority to push you around. Why? Because they lack so much character they want to destroy the people that have it. There seems to be plenty of that around here, and people wonder why I act the way I do.

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