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The goal of this writing exercise was to describe a flower without using the word “sweet.” ~Nate


As I wander my way from Zar’it to Shomera, I feel a need to rest. An hour’s walk is reason enough to stop and collect oneself. The open sky has no trace of clouds, and there is never a schedule to keep. With an occupation such as my own, it’s of no pressing matter where I am or what time it is.

Searching for a seat, a boulder became an ideal perch for my moment of idleness. Its sturdy nature was plenty to support a simple frame. No more than a few seconds into my leisure I am greeted with a light, heady aroma from an undisclosed location. A little effort reveals a blooming hyacinth cluster near the base of my seat.

Truly a comforting sight, paper white and blue inflorescence jutting up through the dirt. Small gusts of wind glide their will over each raceme to carry the natural smell elsewhere. Such beauty is often ignored by the preoccupied. In my current condition, I should have the chance to capture a feminine splendor from the earth.

How lovely it is, strong and syrupy, like honey but not cloying. My nose tingles with its perfume-like essence. As if on cue, a bee hugs the stalk and dips its legs for nectar. The pleasure of this flower can now be share by us both.

My giddiness complementing my abilities on a sensory holiday, I wonder how many people could do such? It would seem easy enough to perform, yet years to master. To relish that which is hidden in plain sight requires keen eyes. I resumed my journey on a note of camphor. A light heart will carry me onward.

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