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People Excited to Speak

I was at a loss what to post for the last 48 hours. I have plenty of My City by the Bay I could slap up, but don’t want to fixate on that. I get the notion that not everyone reads this for one topic. Flexibility is a quality I desire out of life, probably because I cannot create enough of it myself. Lack a nutrient, and the body starts to crave it.

For anyone that gives a hoot, I’m not an English major nor have I attended many fine arts classes in my life. Aside from a handful in middle school/junior high, there were two classes in college regarding this topic. Some might be able to pick up on that, as my structure isn’t always the best. I did go to a liberal arts school over a decade ago, but became formally trained in business. Accounting to be exact.

During that period of time I was scared out of my wits. I had no guidance I trusted. My university “counselor” never had insight for me that would hit home. Sure, I was jaded and distrustful of most people by that time (thank you, public school!), but I’d like to think someone would have at least said something that would have resonated with me. They didn’t.

At any rate, I picked up my profession as I thought “I could go anywhere and always have a job.” Was I ever mistaken. In 2009, the economy tanked and being hired at a job has less to do with your credentials and more about knowing the right people. I’m not exactly a charismatic ball of fire, and a lot of doors were shut on me because of it.

This reminds me of the movies. The chips are down on the protagonist, and the viewer wants to see a happy ending. America loves an underdog, right? Well, I’d like to modify that statement. America loves an underdog, only to the extent they never have to meet. On the silver screen, people get swept up in romanticized ideas. They are probably equating it with their own life, hence the attraction is private rather than public (i.e. camaraderie, community, etc.).  If they were to meet said protagonist in real life, it becomes competition. Hard to believe? I don’t think so. Otherwise, this country would not have so many homeless and hungry. They’re underdogs, too. Why aren’t we cheering them on? Why aren’t we working with them? Because they become an obstacle.

That reminds me. I haven’t heard any news out of Hooterville about packing meals for the poor. They had an event last year, but it has gone silent. I volunteer for those type of events, because of the above paragraph. The community at-large here isn’t exactly moved by it as I am. It might help if other citizens had to be mac and cheese or ramen noodle broke for a couple of years. As long as I live, I will never eat that garbage again.

All of this brings me to the real point of my post. These people who have been underdogs all of their life have stories to tell. Not only do they have stories, they are eager to share them with you. I had two discussions last night with people who have been blown off by the rest of society. One was a farmer, and didn’t have any adventurous stories but they were of happenings in the local area. The other was a professional frisbee player who had toured many parts of the globe.

On first glance, you wouldn’t think either one of them would have much to say but they were insightful in their own way. How does that impact my life? Well, I might just have more fiction to write because of it. Not only that, but it tells me that this country is lacking in intangible nutrients that only social interaction can provide.

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