Monday, May 19th, 2014

For the past few weeks, I’ve been performing a lot of functions outside of my comfort zone. That is to say, I’ve been practicing networking and public speaking. Some say I do it well, but I have my doubts and continue to feel like I’m reaching around in the dark. Being part of a voluntary organization is a can of worms in my mind. Today is easily further down the rabbit hole.

In addition to the newly-accepted group, I’ve volunteered to write messages to each member of the Ohio congress (some 120+) asking them to support a House bill that would protect our business from a crippling change in regulations. I’ve never considered myself a political campaign vehicle, nor acceptable in the eyes of state-government gentry. I wonder how many of these people have ever been mac ‘n’ cheese/Ramen noodle broke? Unwillingly unemployed for more than 12 months? Renovated their house themselves? Drove their car for 13 years? Sacrificed not having a family to survive?

My cheeks often flush when I think of the copious illusions given to me as a child, when all along “the cake was a lie.” It was, and it simply irritates me when people don’t understand this. If I ever make high society, it’ll be by fluke. I am not welcome there.

On a brighter note, my yard is slowly becoming more respectable with every bucket full of dirt I dump on it. It won’t be too long when I should be thinking of what trees to put in.

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13 thoughts on “Monday, May 19th, 2014

  1. Rob Heckman says:

    I wish you the best of luck in cattle-prodding those layabouts in government to do the right thing. I’m definitely of the mind that you have a natural (albeit begrudgingly so) knack for communication, so while I know you might fret about it, you’ll do well.

    Also, TREES! Oh man, that’s exciting to me. I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for at least one Ash tree. As an homage to the one I planted in my mom’s back yard during kindergarten, only to be lost some 25 years later to the emerald ash borer. Plus, that’s a damn handsome tree, and it grows pretty fast.

  2. kerbey says:

    Well, it sounds like you certainly are being pushed out of your comfort zone, but if it’s in the name of growing and getting something accomplished by non-Ramen-eating bigwigs, that’s good. You can do it! I vote cottonwood tree, since I have no vote. They shimmy in the breeze, and you can close your eyes and relax while they make a “shooshing” sound.

  3. Unfortunately, it takes thousands of letters, e-mails and phone calls to accomplish what someone else gets by writing a check.

    • I’m also personally donating to the OACS what I can to help defray the costs of a lobbyist to continue the work in Columbus in person. It’s sad, but that’s the nature of politics these days.

  4. authormbeyer says:

    Folks who plant trees, farm a crop, save their money, endure hardship… these are the true aristocracy. The people who have money because their parents had money really need to listen to the hard-working princes of the Earth. I know they never will, but if they truly want make a difference, they need to listen to you and learn from your wisdom. They simply cannot know what you know. Good luck, my friend… but luck doesn’t matter as much as good work.

  5. nicjor79 says:

    When your congressmen read your messages (assuming they do, of course), they may think to themselves that the person writing has no conception of their own problems, which may or may not be true. (And I may be biased, but I’ll suggest the Japanese maple. There are a few cultivars that are quite cold hardy.)

    • Yes, we all have our problems. They stand to lose a lot less any which way the situation’s cut though. I figure if they wanted to be a representative, then I have a right to bring my concerns to their attention.

      Japanese maples are very visually appealing. Maples are the typical tree here in Ohio.

  6. Laura Lynn says:

    Hey Nate, You are so busy I thought I’d throw some MORE on your plate. What are friends for? No, but seriously. You’ve helped me so much in my writing that I would love to hear your answers on this Blog Hop ‘Why Do You Write?’ Here’s a link to my site and responses. I asked you and Andra to participate.

    Oh, and I vote for the hawthorne tree. Lovely, flowers in the spring, attracts birds and has wicked thorns so no cats can creep up and steal their eggs.

    • I’ll have to look into the hawthorn tree. It does have a hardiness level of 4-8, and I live in zone 6. Let me look at the blog challenge. I’m all over the place right now, but I might have some time to work on it.

      • Laura Lynn says:

        You’re the best Nate. I know you’re really busy right now (always?) but I appreciate the attempt. I’d be interested to hear some of your responses.
        I love hawthorne trees. That was the thorny crown that they put in Jesus’ brow you know. It was a hawthorne. It also has beautiful flowers in the springtime and it doesn’t get gigantic. It’s a medium sized to small tree.

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