Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

On this day thirty-five years ago, I was born. Thirty-five, it seems of little consequence… a chapter in a book, but there’s something there to add depth to the idea: experience. I’ve experienced many things in my life to bring me to this point. I suppose I should be delighted to know that only a few bad moments I would change had I had the chance. I don’t think I would know what to do with a Utopian existence. Ups and downs seem essential.

If I’m not mistaken, this was the something like the start of Sex in the City. Sarah Jessica Parker’s character writing in her journal “I’m 35, and I am single.” What’s strange is that I can’t remember how I know that. Did someone force me to watch the beginning of the first episode? Maybe it was when I was in Charlotte and the mid-morning DJ duo Candy & Potter were talking so heavily about it. That seems about right, if a little foggy. I must have been curious to watch a bit of it on YouTube.

At this point I figure my life can be as open or closed as I want it to be. Maybe the future will bring me fortune, but I can rest assured I’ll have to pound away at it like a hammer swinger on the rail lines. There hasn’t been much I can recall that fell in my lap without me strangling the life out of my energy or leaning upon my drive. Luck is not my companion.

This will be my 150th post here on WordPress, and believe it’s fitting to commemorate my birthday as such. I’m sure there will be plenty of stories to tell in the upcoming year, but for right now, I shall eat cake. German Chocolate cake with coffee ice cream to be exact.

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17 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    I hope it’s been a happy birthday. German chocolate cake and coffee ice cream is a pretty good way to be safe about that happiness.

  2. I hope you get to have your cake and eat it, too.

  3. Happy Birthday, Nate. Eat the hell out that cake, and then eat the hell out of the coming year. Vinceremos:)

  4. kerbey says:

    Now you can finally be president! Look what company you share–Sam Cooke (Cupid, draw back your bow…), Steve Perry, whose voice is LIKE BUTTER, Guy Fieri from Triple D, who would advise you to eat a “winner winner chicken dinner” tonight (or last night), DJ Jazzy Jeff (nuf said), and Linda Blair’s spinning Exorcist head. Feliz cumpleanos!

  5. German chocolate cake is also my father’s favorite. Happy Birthday, Nate. Here’s to a year that is your best yet.

  6. rebecca2000 says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy 150h post 🙂

  7. laurasmess says:

    Nate, I’ve missed a lot around here! Happy Birthday for the 22nd… and 150 posts is a big achievement! I’m only up to 88 in about 20 months… cannot wait to actually get to 100. Anyway, I like this post, despite the parallel with Sex and the City (which I have never watched… mostly on principle! You shouldn’t be admitting that you have, haha!). I need to get myself a cuppa and read through some of your posts that I missed… well, after work, that is. I need to get out of here in 5 minutes. Hope this year will be one of your best yet!

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