Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

I’m not exactly a ball of delight and mirth. So, it wasn’t easy finding a place to make my stand last night with complete strangers at a bar or restaurant on New Year’s Eve. I tried to be kind and affable, with little in the way of real benefit. In fact, as I sat on my bar stool fussing over the pack of cigarettes I had in my pocket, a couple wished me a happy New Year. More genially than others in the establishment, I returned the greeting only to have them stare at their drinks immediately afterward. It was like instant withdrawal. No conversation, nothing.


This is exactly why I can’t connect. This insular behavior is driving me crazy. If it isn’t arrogance, it’s apathy. After a beer and four squad cars (not a drink, mind you) later, I decided it was a fruitless effort to stick around ’til midnight. I went home to a finger of whiskey and A.C. Slater hosting the New Year’s Eve countdown. He asked a rather well-endowed woman what her resolution was for 2014, and she said “spend more time with my husband.” Now, that sounds like something appropriately trite to say when asked, but if you think about it, it’s 11:59 on New Year’s Eve… where the Hell is he now?! He’s not on the platform with you.

I’ve been working at the office today, as there is no one to visit. Either they’re busy, out-of-town, with family, moved, or sick. There’s also the possibility they’re trying to avoid me, but I try not to think about that. The biggest disappointment today is the most valuable commitment I have is to my job. I’m working on the last of the tax reporting, and hope my early efforts will cushion the time blow when I’m having my year end audit.

Side Note: My morning’s status update was “A happy new year? Yes, make it happen.” No more than a couple of hours later I see George Takei post something very similar. Yeah, that’s right. I’m on the cutting edge of Hallmark wisdom!

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10 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

  1. samara says:

    Fuck New Year’s eve.
    At Midnight, I cried and vomited. 12:01 on 2014 was filled with the smell of puke and horror.
    So I’m with you, corvidae, or whomever you are. What IS your name?

    • “Puke and horror” instantly reminds me of my visit to CBGBs on a hazy August afternoon. It wasn’t technically open, but they were kind enough to let me have a look about. That place was rode hard and put away wet.

      As for my name, I am Nate. A pleasure to meet you.

      • samara says:

        I am a die hard New Yorker. CBGBs is my most favorite club ever. I died a little when it closed.

        I actually went out on December 30th to see Patti Smith perform. She got her start at CBGBs.

        I can’t believe you mentioned that club. and the expression “rode hard and put away wet”? I’m stealing that. Like, is that a sexual thing?Or a horse thing? Or a sexual horse thing?

        I am not trying to be flirtatious, I really just never heard that expression before.

        If you check out my blog, the post today will make you think that I’m a “sex chick” but I am not. I write deep thoughtful posts as well.

        puke and horror = CBs. That is the first laugh I’ve had in 2014. Thank you. Now come visit me, sir. This isn’t the first time I’ve paid you a visit.

      • I remember that night. I was having an interview with WEA in Midtown. Never did make it in the industry, but I do have some memories. Also I’m sure CBGBs was packed to the hilt. I was wondering how much I would enjoy it, if I couldn’t move around.

        The idiom is generally a horse thing, overworking your horse past the point of exhaustion and putting in into the stable with out letting the sweat dry off. However, who am I to say it only has one use?

        You’re very welcome for the laugh. I’ll be sure to stop by later this evening.

  2. Even though we were with family, I think Christmas and New Year’s Eve presents more sadness than joy to the majority of people. The crazy drinking and gorging is like drug or drink binging….a sad attempt to say ” I’m so very happy” ….the first of the many lies of each New Year. Now did that cheer you up, Nate? 🙂

  3. Laura Lynn says:

    Hey Nate, New Years Eve is one of those nights/days that give me a rash. I don’t like the amatuer hour drinking, the dumb hats and the pointless (to me) noise. However I remember days when NY eve was a big deal and we planned lots of fun times- the dresses/drinks/rides/parties. I try to recall those when I get pissy about NY eve. Which I was this year. 2013 was the worst fucking year of my life. Bar none. I don’t have to tell you why, cuz you know. So when it came time to end it, I was torn. Do I force myself out of the house and go somewhere where I know it’ll be fun (pub) if I make an effort or just stay home and fuckin’ let this one die a natural and welcome death (what I wanted to do). I opted to go to a local restaurant for a plate of oysters and a glass of champagne, even tho the oysters were a little chi chi-one of each-preserved watermelon rind, whey and saurkraut foam and plain. hmph…The foam looked like someone spit on my oyster. But it tasted fine. Then I went and bought a bottle of champagne and took it home and popped it just before midnight and it was FLAT. Yep, god damned 2013 couldn’t even throw me a BONE and let me have a toast! Fuck 2013! I hate 2013.
    So far so good. 2014…maybe. Just maybe it might be alright. Maybe.
    YOU however I picture as having the best damned year of your life. The year you meet a loving smart woman who is successful and short. I don’t know why short. The year you make that move that puts you where you want to be, whether it’s there or somewhere else, in your field or in a new one, whatever it is…I want this to be the best one you’ve ever had! Cuz I like you Nate. I wish you all this and more.

    • What upsets me is that it shouldn’t give anyone a rash. People should not be left disappointed at the end. It’s like bad sex: all that build up with no satisfaction. You’ve had a rather harsh year. This should have been a time of enjoyment.

      So, 35 will be the pièce de résistance of my life? I like the way you think. Frankly, I’ll take what I can get at the moment. I’m not sure why short, either. Maybe small with a big personality?

      On a related note, I’d love this to be the year you kick cancer’s ass. I like you, too. You have the adventurous spirit I love seeing in people. They are so much more fun to talk to.

  4. My New Years…….MTM snoring on the floor at midnight. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law eating. No booze. New Years Rockin’ Eve on the tube. It was NOT a winner.

    But 2014 is going to be a winner, Nate. For both of us.

    • These accounts of boring New Year’s Eve parties make my blood boil. That’s not because anyone did anything wrong, but celebrations shouldn’t be this much of a failure. We work hard the entire year. We deserve better. Yes, this year’s going to be a winner.

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