Not Feelin’ It (yeah, yeah, “that’s what she said”)

An·he·do·nia (n) – a psychological condition characterized by inability to experience pleasure in normally pleasurable acts.


Anhedonia is the best way to describe my reception to such holidays as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There is no pleasure in such days, and for Halloween in particular a long tradition of being so. I hate costumes, which is probably why I don’t act nor do I beg for food. What we call “trick or treat” night is also called “beggars’ night” in other parts of the country. I think that more accurate.

People are different, and I tolerate it as much as I think reasonable, but it’s getting to the “Christmas” level of crazy. Either I’m comfortable being myself, or there’s something I’m not seeing. It all seems like escapism to me. There is a level of fantasy involved, but couldn’t someone be that eccentric in their head?

In any event, this is all the attention I’ll give the overblown holiday. While others may be pounding the Halloween spirit right into you, I’ll be dark all year ’round. It’s much less stress if done at lower levels anyway.

…and now, MUPPETS!

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12 thoughts on “Not Feelin’ It (yeah, yeah, “that’s what she said”)

  1. kerbey says:

    Well, if she’s not feeling it, then she must have anhedonia regarding sex. And to that, I say, welcome to aging. But to you, I think you’re about to get visited by the Ghost of Christmas Future, and then tomorrow you will skip lively in the glow of the impending holiday season! So prepared to get visited tonight.

  2. Not sure what I would do without the Muppets or Queen. When things get really rough, as they sometimes can around the holidays, at least we have these two.

  3. I am banging my head against the dash……

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