A Private Midnight, the documentary

Susan Sassi is looking for help. The entertainment industry is unpredictable, from my small taste of it in New York City. There are shortfalls. There are bumps in the road. There are obstacles where there shouldn’t be any. It’s the climate faced when trying to create. Currently, her documentary A Private Midnight is in need of additional funds to be completed and submitted to a film festival.

After reading the description, I think it a very worthwhile subject. Even if you have been a recent viewer of my blog, you know how much against bullying I am. It leads to all sorts of hard feelings and emotional problems. If only more people like Scott Fried were around when I was growing up, I definitely would have been a more productive member of society (and I do a lot now, people). I’m sure I could have had the strength to write a few books by now.

If you’re unable to donate, that’s not a problem. Please help spread the word by sharing her blog post at (mymisfits.wordpress.com) or visit her gofundme site at for further information:


~ Corvidae in the Fields

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