6 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I know that feeling. Sometimes I wake feeling that I’ve been in a familiar dream, and there are moments of waking when I have similar feelings. There’s a lot of untapped stuff going in our minds.

  2. kerbey says:

    All those things were negative, except for possessing other people’s cars. Unless you owned a repo business, in which case, that’s negative, too. Lots of cars means you identify with Jay Leno. You’re uneasy about retiring from The Tonight Show. The careless motorist is clearly Jimmy Fallon, coming to take your job in the spring of next year. And you can’t trim your back yard and move on because you still have several more months of commitment to NBC, whom you have deplored since 1992–which was when you first had the dream–but at that point in time, you felt guilty and ill prepared to take the reigns from Johnny Carson. But you’re not incompetent. You’ve had a good run; your hair is still thick; be happy. It’s just your average run-of-the-mill Leno complex dream.

  3. innamazing says:

    I was actually thinking of keeping a dream journal. But it aint as easy as it sounds. As every minute passes after I wake up, I remember less and less details, until it’s all simply gone.
    Hope you write a story out of one of yours!

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