Dave’s Hot and Juicy

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I often question a company’s intent on anything, even if it’s a bit jaded of me to do so. Corporations such as Wendy’s should know when marketing could be taken the wrong way. That’s why I’m of the belief businesses start these controversial campaigns just to get publicity. They aren’t making a naive blunder; they’re trying to get some press. After all, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Right? Just ask Noxzema.

Aside from it being my creative station on Sunday, places like Wendy’s are where I often write. Restaurants, bars, and other common locations get the honor of being my work space. I find these as good a place as any, and don’t seem to do very well at home. I often want to get out of the house, unless I’m renovating the place. I can’t very well create a Virtual Private Network and renovate remotely.

What bothers me is that I don’t know if that’s just the way I operate, or if I’m satisfying another need that takes precedence in my life and the writing could be improved at home. I’ve met many creative types with their home as their studio, and they become reclusive when they create. I find my best work still off the cuff and in the thick of people. Is that odd? If that’s the way I’ve been built, then I’d like to own that style but I don’t find too many people writing in restaurants and bars.

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10 thoughts on “Dave’s Hot and Juicy

  1. I’m getting ready to spend a week in the mountains with no internet for eight days. Just. To. Write. Alone. In general, I write alone at home. I have a work space, but I end up doing most of my writing in bed.

    As to publicity stunts, yes. That’s totally what they are. What matters is that people are talking about a thing. Good or bad doesn’t matter. They’re talking.

  2. Corporations, as people, are inherently trustworthy and have the public’s best interest in mind at all times, unless perhaps one is a 48-oz. soda half-empty type.

  3. rockettattoo says:

    A little off topic.. I have always thought Candy stripers looked like Wendy. Last time my wife was the hospital I cant begin to say how many times I wanted to order a single with everything and a chocolate frosty when I would see one.

    • I can absolutely see the comparison, and am sure they would have been thoroughly amused at your order. I say that with my tongue placed firmly in my cheek. The hospital here provides a mixed bag of medical help, and ranges from fantastic bedside manner to “I don’t want you messing with my IV drip, thanks.”

  4. I know jack all about Wendy’s or their publicity campaign….I’d like to keep it that way. You always write interesting stuff. Where and how you write it doesn’t matter. On the other hand, I find it hard to believe that chain restaurant shit is good brain salad 🙂

    • Any fast food restaurant is a nutritional disaster, but I never mastered cooking for singles and being constantly working isn’t conducive to learning. I’ve started to buy fruit and easy meals from the store (i.e. cold cereal, etc.) though.

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