Brief Update to yesterday’s post


This is the walnut table in need of repair.

Grandmother clock

Grandmother clock

As an addition to yesterday’s post, I’ve added pictures of the table and clock mentioned.


6 thoughts on “Brief Update to yesterday’s post

  1. Beautiful deep coloured wooden table…is that mahogany? You probably made it clear in the original post and i’ve forgotten. Sensational clock….is it American?

    • If I were to believe the piece of paper underneath the table, it’s black walnut. From my mending escapades last night, the sawdust smell is unmistakably walnut. Since my grandfather made both pieces of furniture, I’d call it American. The clock seems colonial in nature, but without a whole lot of showiness. The reason for that is they didn’t have a whole lot of money and trim and more expensive clockworks would be out of their budget.

  2. My father’s favorite wood is walnut, I think. And he refinishes furniture for practically nothing. 🙂 Too bad you do not live closer to him.

    That clock is a beauty.

    • Thanks for the offer, regardless. 🙂

      Personally, I think it’s a little more meaningful to other family members if I refinish it.

      • Do you refinish furniture? So few people do these days. I hope you will post an updated photo of your handiwork.

      • Only as a layman with research materials. The family has been known to mend the important possessions as best we can. It’s nothing on a professional level, but my father enjoys buying all sorts of tools. That helps.

        Sure, I can post pictures of the finished product. I actually have a transitional picture of the top I am posting later on tonight. I’m planning on picking up the finish this weekend. Tonight I’d like to take the varnish off the legs. The tops are done for the most part, but chemical stripping and sanding isn’t something to be rushed. So, I’ve been working on it a couple of hours a night over the past week.

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