A Brave Old Aldous

Above is a 1958 Mike Wallace interview with the author of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley. I find this conversation to be extremely interesting. Mr. Huxley discusses the detriments of big business and big government, which we are encountering today. He also talks about the development of new technologies that distract and train us to think a certain way (Facebook? Twitter, anyone?). Even though it’s a little stuffy, I miss this type of media. Intellectualism has been played down for many decades now, and I think it would be very beneficial for all of us to make a resurgence.

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8 thoughts on “A Brave Old Aldous

  1. Yeah, you don’t see these sorts of interviews much. Charlie Rose does them, but that’s about it. Dick Cavett used to do a lot of good interviews too. Aldous wasn’t as dreamy as he got older but he was still so freaking astute.

  2. Very interesting interview, even this many years later. I like Huxley…always have. I loved the image of the interviewer with smoke from his cigarette drifting up through the screen.

    • As I look at it now, the romantic image of these interviews may be a part of the reason I’m having trouble quitting. I find such rich material within these shows. Here’s a 1963 discussion of Hamlet on BBC’s “Monitor” with a young Peter O’Toole and Orson Welles. The act of smoking weaves itself around the words being said.

  3. I suspect most people feel alienated from interviews like this one. They aren’t flashy enough.

    I love these old, grainy interviews, though. I posted Eisenhower’s on the military-industrial complex before the last election. It still scares me how prophetic his words were, and how our country has become precisely what he warned against.

    • I find it ironic I feel alienated with other people’s tastes as they with mine. I’ll have to take a look at that video now, as I’m very interested to see what Ike has to say about the future.

    • Thank you for letting me know about Eisenhower’s farewell address. I immediately thought of CGPGrey’s video “Can Texas Secede from the Union?” At 2:59, it runs a comparison on how much the US spends on the military versus the rest of the world.

      • You’re welcome. I am glad you enjoyed it.

        I wrote my own post despairing of the Campaign Daisy Chain Complex and our process of continuous fundraising for elections.

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