My mind runs in weird ways, especially when it come to nuances. There are times when I couldn’t care less about the details, but others I do very much. It only recently became apparent that it depends on the topic. Geography seems to be such a subject. It intrigues me and always piques my interest. I can be very curious to see the world through the eyes of other people. This interest was whetted after reading “Scotch” by Sophiebowns. The scene takes place on Manhattan island, but it reads more Southern United States.

Out of the interest mentioned above, I had asked her to write about another region of the country: Chicago. In return, I would write a regional story about a location she chose. The concept was based off an old drawing class assignment I had in which we were to sit in front of another student and draw their portrait. It would provide an outsider’s view to something familiar to you.

I don’t know if she will or not, because she mentioned already writing one in America. Whether or not something comes to fruition, I’ll more than likely write something anyway.  It’s all about sharing and broadening horizons.

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7 thoughts on “Regionalism

  1. It will be interesting to see what develops. I am so bad at prompts that come from others.

  2. Sonya says:

    You should write it, if for no other reason than to inform me of locations, because I am super horrible with geography. If you want any assistance with it I have been to London, Italy, and lived in Spain. I have also been to Mexico and all over the states HOWEVER don’t ask me where in the states I have been because I would ride in the back of the camper and my parents never told me where we were going. My brother and I both have the same problem and having camped all of our lives I think it disappoints my Dad very much. I am not sure how old we were when my Dad found out we never knew where we were (unless family was there, or we went to a Giants game… Oh this is San Francisco).

    • The idea I’m striving for is art in misinformation. There is a kernel of creativity that I enjoy about it. For example, it would be like if you went to the zoo, came back and said, “Nate! I saw this amazing animal there. It was called an elephant.” You then proceeded to describe and elephant to me. Once you finished telling me about it, I drew a picture of an elephant for you. It incorporated all of the elements you told me, but it looked nothing like the animal.

      The benefit is two fold, first you get more knowledge on the actual noun, as people will eventually say “that’s not en elephant!” The other side of the coin is that you used your imagination unbound by “reality.” I think it a wonderful learning tool for the concrete AND abstract.

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