Hair to Me: “I do what I want!”

I’ve always had a very coarse, thick, oily, wiry, uncontrollable mess for a head of hair. It’s naturally curly and wavy, which makes for a control freak’s nightmare (ahem). Regardless, my stylist had convinced me to do something different in January after a two-year long go-round with me and my stubbornness. I naturally would decline letting it grow out, as it would bring back memories of standing out like a sore thumb to all who would fancy themselves a bully growing up. Old habits die hard.

Anyway, as I knew it would, it is now at the length where it does whatever it feels like. I’ve tried all sorts of gels and pomade to keep it in the style she wants, but this is all to no avail. If there be any consolation to it all, aside from the “I told you so” moments at the salon, it’s that I’ve successfully managed to steal Peter Sellers‘s hair from one of my all time favorite moves Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. I’m forever indebted to my long-time friend, Travis, for sitting me down one slow, Hooterville night and watching it over a few beers.

 "Mein Führer... I CAN WALK!" ~ Dr. Strangelove

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 “Mein Führer… I CAN WALK!”

Now all I need is a pair of tinted glasses and wicked case of Alien Hand Syndrome.

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5 thoughts on “Hair to Me: “I do what I want!”

  1. laurasmess says:

    You know what? I am freaking envious of your wiry, thick and uncontrollable mop of hair! Mine is the opposite; it’s really fine and tends not to have any ‘body’, even if I pump it up with mousse and hairspray. I get little flyaways that tickle my forehead continuously, promoting a constant but futile upward gust of air from my mouth in an effort to scare them off. It doesn’t work. They float, momentarily, but then fall right back where they don’t belong. So, anyway… I guess we all want what we don’t have. Well, within reason. I mean, I wouldn’t want a bald patch…

    • You wouldn’t like a horseshoe? I’m surprised, Laura. Combovers are going to be in season one of these days. My hair does have body. That’s for certain. I think it also drinks whiskey and smokes cigars, too. Ha!

  2. Sonya says:

    Thick hair can be a bitch. My brother tried to straighten his hair, I.E. he made me straighten his hair and at one point I yelled at him because it looked really stupid and it was way too much work for him to go to his room and put a cap on it.

    You should try every product out there and then go back and say, these don’t work… with all of them in a bag. I have found that hairdressers don’t know how to handle thick hair. I once went to a salon (which I don’t do, my Mom usually cuts my hair) and the woman gushed about my hair auburn and thick as it is. After about an hour she started bitching and complaining about how thick it was, how if she had been working on anyone else it would have been done by now, and when she finally had her fill she just sent me on my way with my hair unstyled and had me “air dry” Which as I am sure you know looks like uhhhhhh horrible?! Yes horrible.


    • Thanks for the comment!

      She let you air dry?! What the Hell was she thinking? That’s just not finishing the job. I’d be upset, too.

      My mother’s a cosmetologist, and she would do my hair when I was younger. Now that I’m an adult, I felt the need to see a hairdresser. My stylist is a friend I’ve known for over 10 years, and she started her own business. I like support local businesses, too. I’m coming close to another appointment. We’ll have to discuss just where we’re taking this cut.

      • Sonya says:

        Well at the very least you know what you want, you are friends with her, and you have some type of insight to the face (because of your mom). I am all for local businesses… keep up the good work (help) 🙂

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