A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the way to the Literary Jamboree

Being the good-natured person I am, I like taking an interest in what people do around here. Visitors read my work, then I visit their place and interact. I think that’s one of the premises behind WordPress. What joy came over me, when I saw a writing pow-wow on a visitor’s blog. It was a flash fiction writing “contest,” although I don’t think it was anything competitive.

So, wanting to show my appreciation, I spent some time putting together a piece. Granted, it wasn’t super original, but “originality” on such occasions is based on the time you log in and how quickly you can write. If separated from each other’s work, I’m sure there would be plenty of unwitting overlap.

Regardless, I put together my piece and submitted it last night. Eagerly I went back this morning to see if it was posted and what replies were made. Sadly, it was not to be found. I searched by time, and searched by words… nothing. No post. No feedback. Nothing. I was puzzled for a while, as I didn’t have much to go on. It was my first time at one of these, and I wasn’t sure where to start.

Then a thought came to me a few minutes after reflecting upon the situation. I put my standard copyright information on my work. People get funny about copyrights, but the Master of Ceremonies (if you will) put one on his work. I like the way my copyright looks, and will use it on all of my stuff.

I think I’m a pretty lenient person and will give permission for non-commercial usage of whatever I create. I like sharing my work, and if it inspires others to go in different directions, then I’m all for it. I would, however, like a slice of the pie if anything were to go commercial. I think it plenty fair.

There is a small problem, if that’s what the MC is thinking. For better or for worse, any original content written by anyone is automatically copyrighted whether they display notification or not. This is a rather recent decision (1989, it think), but valid nonetheless. If he’s worried about copyright infringement, he’s doing it anyway.

However, who’s to know? Nothing was said, and quite frankly, it’s too late now.

Below is the piece I wrote for the contest. I enjoy it still. Gary Larson, cartoonist of The Far Side, called all of his drawings his “children.” As someone who creates, I can absolutely see his point. They are my children. Yes, sometimes they aren’t what I expect them to be, but I still love them anyway.



A miserable complaint was made by a gutter to its drain. Water splashed, pollution danced, and dirt came along the way. What was the poor drain to do but make it go away?

© 2013 by Corvidae in the Fields, all rights reserved

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