The Delight of Completion

I must confess that the destination has always thrilled me more than the journey. It makes me recall the pop philosophical phrase that can easily be pasted on possessions, such as t-shirts or motivational posters. There are few things I enjoy more than the feeling of accomplishment. No amount of gold or precious jewels could ever persuade me otherwise. It’s progress. I love progress. It’s addicting.

This reflection comes after reading Nordhoff and Hall’s Mutiny on the Bounty. I don’t necessarily consider myself an voracious reader, but have noted I’m probably more well-read than most of my contemporaries. That will never mean there isn’t a group of people head and shoulder above me, because there always will be. However, to be in possession of new knowledge is invigorating. I find such invigoration one of my key motivators.

I have decided to clean up Joyce’s Ulysses and possibly even Cervantes’s Don Quixote, before moving on to unopened books. I’m confident I can make progress soon with it all.

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